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Friday, December 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Clip Art and Line Art Set!

My daughter Jessica has been home for the holidays for the last week or so. She teaches kindergarten and I love hearing about her class and her kiddos. I am always looking for ways to help out her classroom but I live in California and she teaches in Mississippi so geography poses quite a problem. While she was telling me how hard it is to find clip art that she likes (she's always been picky!) and has teacher-friendly Terms of Use, it dawned on her..."Mom, you can draw clip art for me!" It has been a while since my days as a fashion design student and I may be a little rusty, but you know a mom can't say no to helping her kids out! :)

I created a Valentine's Day set just for fun and uploaded it to Teachers Pay Teachers. She's leaving back to Mississippi tomorrow but has quite the list of requests for me to get working on. Be sure to follow my blog and TpT store so you don't miss out on any of it!

Click the link below to download the set for FREE!